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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Blog

  • Paver Sealing

    There are many benefits from sealing your pavers. One of the most important would be preservation. After application the pavers are water repellent. This slows down mold and organic growth lowering future maintenance costs and needs. We also offer several different sealers that give the pavers different looks. In the pictures we provided with this post we used a sealer that gives the pavers a wet/matte look. This enhances the color of the pavers making them darker. You should be able to see a big difference in the areas we have sealed vs havent in the pictures. Its night and day! We also use a sealer that dries to the natural color of the pavers. For those that prefer the natural look. It protects the pavers in the same way as the enhanced sealer.
    When it comes to re sanding the joints, we do that as well. We use 100% silica sand. We hydro compacted it right below the chamfer (Bevel) of the paver. This helps keep the paver joints stable. We do not use Polymeric Sand. 
  • Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

    Check out some of our latest roof cleans. Both of these roofs had never been cleaned before. Years and years of mold build up making the roof tiles look black. The homeowner of the 2nd group of pictures had just bought their house before reaching out to us. They thought intially the roof tiles were suppose to be a dark grey! They had no idea it needed to be cleaned until the HOA gave them a notice. After we soft washed their roof they were amazed to find out their roof tiles were actually a different color! 
    Soft washing is the most effective way to clean the exterior of your home. The low pressure chemical clean treats unwanted mold and organic growth without any high pressure. It will also keep these areas clean longer. Give us a call today for all your exterior cleaning wants and needs!
  • A Look At Todays Soft Wash Roof Cleans!

    We soft washed these tile roofs back to life. Both these roofs had years of mold. After our soft wash application, the tiles were restored to their original color. Our low pressure chemical wash that treats mold growth, preserves roof tiles for 3-5 years! If you are in need of a clean, call our team today for free quotes on soft wash roof cleans, pressure washing & paver sealing services!
  • The Best Roof Clean Transformations!

    Soft washing is a method of cleaning which involves mixing solutions and low-pressure spraying. This method gets rid of algae, mildew, and other organic matter that resides on your home's exterior and roof. If you don’t treat these areas with chemical they will not only grow back, but also spread to new areas and potentially eat away at the surfaces they are on. Soft washing is the safest & most effective way to clean your roof & home!
    Give us a call today if you're in need of clean. We do a 360 drone inspection of each roof before the clean to look for pre existing damage/broken tiles. We also provide great before and after drone photos documenting the clean for the HOA administration if needed. Say goodbye to that ugly black mold and hello to the original color your roof tiles/shingles are suppose to be. We will bring back that wanted curb appeal for you!
  • Todays Soft Wash Roof Clean

    Take a look at one of todays soft wash roof clean our team completed. This roof was extremely dirty and needed to be cleaned per HOA community rules. After treating the mold with our low pressure chemical clean the color came back to these roof tiles. When our team was doing the drone inspection it was hard to even make out what color the roof tiles were suppose to be! It just looked like a black tile roof. Under all that mold was a lot of color and we are happy we could bring back curb appeal to this customer. If you are in need of a clean call our team!