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  • Absolutely! Thanks for reaching out Frank!

    Colton Catto
  • Thanks for the information.

    Frank Bennett
  • Hey Frank, for a quote on any of our services please call/text 239-240-9855 or email us at

    We do prefer to get on the roof to clean. You will get a more thorough clean with us spraying on the roof. We also have more control of overspray from the roof than we would spraying from a ladder. If you’re worried about potential roof damage we have you covered. We do a 360 drone inspection prior to each clean so you can see the state of your roof before we start. After the clean is completed we do a fly by video and take several photos matching the video/photos we took before the clean. That way you can compare the photos we took and can see the status of the roof after we are done.

    Colton Catto
  • I would like a quote for soft wash roof clean. Also do you guys get on the roof to clean?

    Frank Bennett
  • Thanks for the question Kamal! After we soft wash a roof it typically stays clean for 3-5 years. Every roof is different due to the environment around the house (Trees, humidity ect.) or material used for the roof (metal, shingles or tile). Mold and organic growth comes from moisture build up. For example concrete tiles are very porous which allows more moisture in them than shingles or metal roofs. With this being said, tile roofs usually need to be cleaned more often than roofs made out of other material.

    Colton Catto

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