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Paver Sealing

There are many benefits from sealing your pavers. One of the most important would be preservation. After application the pavers are water repellent. This slows down mold and organic growth lowering future maintenance costs and needs. We also offer several different sealers that give the pavers different looks. In the pictures we provided with this post we used a sealer that gives the pavers a wet/matte look. This enhances the color of the pavers making them darker. You should be able to see a big difference in the areas we have sealed vs have not in the pictures. Its night and day! We also use a sealer that dries to the natural color of the pavers. For those that prefer the natural look. It protects the pavers in the same way as the enhanced sealer. We use 100% silica sand for the joints. There are less contaminants because its filtered.  No worries about poly haze from early activation like you can get with polymeric sand. In florida our climate is very humid and polymeric sand is activated by moisture. Yes, just the florida humidity can cause early activation while applying polymeric sand which can lead to poly haze. A white powdery, sandy look left on top of the pavers. This is one of the reasons we avoid polymeric sand. We hydro compact the silica sand right below the chamfer (bevel) of the paver . After the sealer is applied the silica sand becomes hard like concrete. This helps stabilize the paver joints and allows water to drain better using the joints like little canals.